Respectful Work Place

We have zero tolerance for any kind of abuse. Abuse of medical center’s staff, patients, physicians and all other members of the clinic or vandalism will not be tolerated. Abuse can take many forms including but not limited to intimidation, condescending or patronizing language, impatience, refusal/reluctance to answer questions, giving misleading information and manipulation. Incidents will be recorded and reported to the appropriate personnel. We will take corrective actions, if needed, up to and including termination of patient status/employment, involving peace keepers or permission to remain on the property, based on the severity of the incident.

Medical Appointments

When you book your appointment please inform the staff the reason of the visit as it helps us to plan and arrange the schedule accordingly. Please try to focus on your main concern or problem during your visit. Most of the appointments are only 15 minutes long as we want to accommodate and adequately serve all patients that require our attention on the given day. Our doctors do their best to handle all your medical concerns efficiently; however, certain complaints require follow up appointments. Please be prepared to return for follow up appointments at your doctor’s medical discretion. Your doctor, in your visit, will focus on your main concern and if necessary discuss plans for any other medical issues in future visits. Please understand, when you focus on your main concern it also helps the clinic better manage patient flow and appointments. We, as staff, try our best to keep wait times as minimal as possible. Nobody likes to wait for a long period of time to see their doctor but if everyone comes with a “list” it inevitably leads to long delays.

Patient Check-In Forms

We have forms for the patients to fill prior to their check in, especially if it’s the very first visit. These forms ask for your name, DOB, address, contact number, health card details etc.  They are confidential and shredded after the visit

Prescription Renewals

In order to provide quality care, medication refills must be addressed at the time of your appointment. Unless it is an emergency, appointments should be made for refills two weeks in advance of your prescription running out. The Garden Medical Center has a “No Phone/Fax Prescription Renewal Policy”. We do not refill narcotics/controlled medications and would recommend you get them refilled with the providers who initially prescribed them.

Uninsured Services

Provincial health insurance doesn’t cover all services. Uninsured services include but not limited to: Notes and forms for school/work, Travel health, Sports Medicals; Employment Medicals; Driver’s Medicals; Insurance companies Forms; Medical Letters; some minor office procedures; some vaccinations and TB skin testing, Chart Transfers; Chart Copies, etc. Patient is responsible for informing the front staff of any such services and for their payment before the office visit. Some forms may not be filled on the same day of your visit and you will be advised when to come pick them. Please make sure you have filled in the sections that are “to be filled in by the applicant”. If we do not have enough information on your condition to make judgement about your ability to work, we may request a Specialist’s opinion.

Cancellation/Late Arrival

If you need to cancel your appointment we ask that you give 24 hours notice so we may give another patient the opportunity to be seen. We also understand that emergencies do come up, please contact us as soon as possible if you need to cancel or will be late.

No Show Fees

If you cannot come to your appointment you must give the clinic 24 hours notice to avoid getting a “No Show Fee”. Three or more no shows may be grounds for dismissal, at the discretion of your physician.

Medical Education

We believe in imparting knowledge and skills to others. We may participate in training or educating young doctors. Hence we may be with medical students/residents/nurses/nurse practitioners in training during your clinic visit. They all are members of our health care system and are supervised appropriately.

Vacation/Sick Coverage

You may be seen by another colleague physician if your primary care provider is away due to sickness or on vacation or for continuing medical education. We all are very collegial and compassionate with all the patients and hence your care will be in good caring hands. Your medical history, past and current, is on the electronic medical record and hence the other physician will be well aware of your health concerns.

Past Medical Record

It’s immensely helpful to obtain copies of your past medical records, especially if you have any significant medical issue/s. This can be done by completing an “authorization to release information” form at the front desk. The front desk staff will then send the form to your previous doctor(s) and/or hospital(s) to request the information. Sometimes your previous doctor(s) and/or hospital(s) charge an administrative fee to you for this service. You are responsible for paying this fee. However, this information is very important for your medical care.